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Tiger - My favorite murderous feline 1977-1993

The Tiger cat was truly one of nature's great killing machines. When killing season (early spring to mid-autumn) came around, Tiger was there to feast on a bounty of mice, birds, ground squirrels, regular squirrels, rabbits, moles, and other small mammals. Sometimes she would kill two at a time. Most often, as pictured here, she would chew the head off the hapless critter and then leave the rest of the body on the lawn, in the walkway path, or on the front doorstep. Tiger had her own ramp so I could let her in the window, and more often than not on a summer day, she would come up to the window, scratch on the glass while I was reading a Stephen King novel, and meow. Actually it was more of a "Mrrmph" because she had a mouthful of half-dead bird and the meow was drowned out by the feathers. Once I denied Tiger entry, she went off to finish her meal. I never knew if the cat was proudly showing off her latest kill, or just trying to sneak inside and enjoy her fresh catch without being bothered by the dogs or outdoor cats. And of course, whenever Tiger gorged herself too much on her journeys, there was always the danger that she would puke prodigiously in the house afterward. This is why we had to be ever vigilant not to let her in the house when she had eaten. Sometimes she would swallow a ground squirrel almost whole, and it would come up again like a bad mob hit gets disgorged from the East River.