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A Lone Glove

I found this glove on my trip back to Maynard Massachusetts in 2002. I was on a business trip where I would have been better off keeping my mouth shut, but that is another story entirely, involving a submarine captain and a bunch of lying yes-men. On this day the Patriots were playing the game that decided if they got to go to the Super Bowl, so I was in luck. I could trespass all over Maynard with the impuity I had as a child over twenty years before. This glove is on a pile of leaves at Green Meadow Elementary School, where I once lost a mitten. I used to hide myself in a pile of leaves, and in Maynard the maple trees can leave quite a few leaves on the ground. During recess, all the other kids played with each other but I tended to wander around alone, as was my custom. Perhaps the school counselors should have seen something there, but they were too busy with the troublemakers who now occupy cushy boardroom jobs or maximum security prison cells. I used to hide in the leaves and fill my coat with them, so I would come home covered in leaf pieces. On a day much like the day I lost my glove, one of the kids wandered off and started a small fire, undoubtedly with the ubiquitous red matches that ended up in every grocery bag. One of the recess monitors got some kids together and stamped the fire out, which is something else you can't do in this day and age. The glove is quite small, made of wool, and ended up in my pocket at the conclusion of this photograph. After all, the playground owed me a glove, and now this one is mine.